A.S.Adventure opts for sustainable printed matter

Every day, there is a lot of printed matter rolling off the presses for A.S.Adventure, from brochures and flyers to the A.S.Magazine, which is published quarterly. So as to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible, we have opted for printing houses that respect the environment as much as we do.

Tint Printing House

  • Partnership with A.S.Adventure: planograms/merchandising displays, wall decoration, and window stickers.

  • Ecological efforts: since November 2017, it has held certificates that can prove that the print quality is 100% ecological, with a higher production level and healthier working conditions as a result.

Weiss-Druck Printing House

  • Partnership with A.S.Adventure: A.S.Magazine (quarterly, print run of 150,000 copies).

  • Ecological efforts: polluting industry is prohibited in the Eifel nature reserve, where the printing house is located. Therefore, it participates in full recycling, sorts properly, and works with FSC- and PFC-labelled products. In addition, it is also CO2-neutral, recovers heat using its own power station, and it recycles the water consumption from the inks.

Triakon Printing House

  • Partnership with A.S.Adventure: shop communication.

  • Ecological efforts: this printing house is more environmentally friendly than a traditional printing house because its printing process is entirely digital which means it uses only what is necessary. And it always tries to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies using an extensive range of FSC paper and cardboard and environmentally friendly printing techniques (UV inkjet with LED bulbs, solvent-free inks, laser presses).

Albe De Coker Printing House

  • Partnership with A.S.Adventure: all manner of printed matter, from offset printing for larger runs to personal printed matter, like gift cards and vouchers.

  • Ecological efforts: this is the first printing house in Belgium to work entirely with LED lighting; in collaboration with Climate Partners, it prints CO2-neutrally and it uses energy-efficient presses and equipment. Electricity and (FSC-certified) paper is recovered, all offset plates are recycled, and the inks are vegetable-based. It is a major player in the sustainable printed matter sector.

Moonen Packaging Printing House

  • Partnership with A.S.Adventure: paper shopping bags, labels, cardboard boxes for online orders.

  • Ecological efforts: Moonen is constantly working with sustainable alternatives for their printed matter. The inks are biodegradable, the paper bags are 100% recycled, and it also offers PLA shopping bags, which will completely deteriorate. There is no heating or air conditioning in the building and the lighting works on sensors. Based on external audits, they aim to achieve sustainability in every step of the process.

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