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Fanatic cycle racer, fearless mountain biker, or easy-going leisure time cyclist? Our Bike Stores are the place to be for all bike fanatics. Apart from a wide range of clothing and accessories, they also have over 3,000 bikes on offer. And the Bike Atelier really is the icing on the cake. You can go there for professional advice, sound maintenance, and major or minor repairs.

One car fewer and one A.S.Adventure bike more

Nature is the cherished playground of A.S.Adventure. No wonder we make every effort to spare the environment. And guess what: cycling works! And so, get on your bike and go to your office ecologically. You not only give the planet a helping hand, but you also skirt around the traffic jams. Need we say more?

Our shops have all the big names:

... but our web shop gives you an even bigger range of those makes:

Does your bike need a maintenance service, but you can't get to one of our Bike Stores during opening hours? No problem! From now on, our Bike Store can come to you. Thanks to our Service Home Pick-up*, Explore More Members can have their bikes collected, repaired, and delivered. At home, at work, or anywhere else of your choice. That's handy, isn't it?


*€ 30 for pick-up and delivery

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Mechelsesteenweg 7

9200 Dendermonde

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Antwerpse Steenweg 21

9080 Lochristi

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Gouden Kruispunt 104

3390 Sint-Joris-Winge

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Hasseltweg 43

3600 Genk

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Bredabaan 1257C

2900 Schoten

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Toison d'Or*

Gulden-Vlieslaan 17A-20/b4

1050 Brussel

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Wijnegem Shopping Center

2110 Wijnegem

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Maalsesteenweg 232

8310 Brugge

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Kortrijksesteenweg 415

8530 Harelbeke

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*No maintenance/repairs