We are A.S.Adventure

“For the love of Memories”: that's our manifesto

The moment you see that beautiful, sun-drenched open space after a long walk through the forest ("No, kids, it's not far now! Dad knows a great spot for a picnic!").


The moment you get the chance to admire the vast, panoramic view after a punishing climb ("Rolling landscape? Yeah right").


The moment you find the matches at the bottom of your rucksack after walking 20 kilometres ("The nearest fast-food joint is, uh ... 5 km that way!").


These moments in your life are worth more than gold. We want to do nothing more than to make these moments memorable for you so you can relive them forever. With the inspiration and expertise we have in our stores and online, we make it easy for you.

We will send you out to create your own memories. You only have to do one thing in return... share them with us!


A.S.Adventure: Creating memories since 1995

1. Catching dreams

At A.S.Adventure we would prefer it if you, our client, didn't just dream. We are happy to help you achieve and realise all those dreams in different domains. From outdoors, winter sports, running and cycling to beach and fashion.


Your free time begins as soon as you step into the world of A.S.Adventure. And it doesn't just stop at the doors of our Stores or when you click on a link to www.asadventure.com.


PS. A.S.Adventure works under the protective wings of Retail Concepts with like-minded outdoor and lifestyle retailers such as Juttu, Bever and Cotswold Outdoor.

2. Dream wizards

In order to let you have an unforgettable experience, we will put your dreams under the microscope. You'll soon notice that staff in our shops have excellent training in order to point you in the right direction.


This expertise of A.S.Adventure can be seen in:

  • our staff in our Stores;
  • our stores, spread all over Belgium, Luxembourg and France;
  • the hours of training our shop staff receive.

3. Counting stars

The real star? That's you, along with our 1.2 million other A.S.Adventure customers. Once we have equipped you with the necessary expertise and equipment, it's your turn: tell us your story, in a way you want and in a place you think best suits you.


How? Easy. Share your experiences on our Facebook page, post your photos on Instagram or Twitter using #asadventure and let us enjoy all your precious memories. 

4. Creating memories

By listening to your dreams and stories we can make your experience a part of our expertise. But it doesn't stop there... we also enjoy sharing the inspiring stories of all those who preceded you.


This is how we can inspire you to venture outside and create your own memories.

5. Perfectly connected


Have we succeeded in our mission? It's possible to see this with our Customer Satisfaction Index: a number-based score based on a number of different parameters.


In any event, we will pull out all the stops to ensure our connection with you, our customer:

  • we always tailor our service to meet all your needs
  • we lead you to Click&Collect via call-to-actions
  • we can offer you a huge number of advantages via the Explore More programme
  • we provide answers to your questions via our FAQ page
  • you can share the passion for the great outdoors with our gift vouchers
  • we accept ecocheques for a wide variety of products

6. What's your story?

Does the adventurer's blood flow through your veins? Would you rather be outside than inside? And do you feel fully in tune with the A.S.Adventure philosophy?


Then you can be the ambassador of our dreams.

There are just two things to do:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.
  2. Share your experiences using the hash tag #asadventure. 

Our green objectives: 

Natuurpunt & Natagora

We're working with Natuurpunt and Natagora to ensure all green spaces in Belgium receive better protection and maintenance. With your help, we can all continue to enjoy our wonderful outdoor areas.

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With more than 40 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and France, there's bound to be an A.S.Adventure Store close to your hometown. Come along and step out into the world.

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Our green objectives:  

Cool Earth

Cool Earth is committed to putting a halt to the deforestation of the fragile ecosystems in the Amazon. We have already saved 765 hectares of rainforest thanks to your contribution. 

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Working at A.S.Adventure

From shop floor to head office. From purchasing to marketing. From technical specialist to commercial all-rounder. At A.S.Adventure, we have everything you need to feed your passion for the great outdoors.


designed for generations

Each product you buy from our Ayacucho® collection provides funds for the Solid International projects in the Peruvian region. This means we can provide the local population of Ayacucho with the chance to take their fate into their own hands.

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